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Ask the Experts: Featuring Dr.Pratt and Dr.Moon

Segment 1 Rob Newton: A very action-packed 2 hours we got coming up in ... So having said all that, let me introduce you to the host of Stages of Life that is Dr. David Klein. Hello. Dr David: Hey it's good to be here. Rob Newton: Great to have you. Dr David: Yeah. Superbike Oktoberfest (laughs) Rob Newton: You have been everywhere today on your motorcycle, and we do remind our listeners look both ways before you pull out. Dr David: Well that's that's ... That's about right [...]

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Strengthening the Immune system

Segment 1 Rob Newton:     All right. It's going to be a great hour, so you might as well settle in and call Dr. Klein. May I just say personal testimony because that's one of the project's that we're doing on the show, Project Me, and so that would be in other words Project You as well but I said, "Hey, I believe in this doctor so much I'm going to do everything he says." Down another 6 pounds this week. Dr. Klein:              You're looking good. Rob Newton:     At the [...]

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The dangers of foodborne illness

Segment 1 Rob Newton:     Hey, Stage of Life, yes indeed. Dr. Klein is with us. The doctor is in the house. This is a Labor Day Weekend and today a couple of very interesting topics we're going to be talking about. Whatever you're doing, but especially if you are barbecuing or cooking out or getting ready to go to a picnic or sitting out at the pool enjoying a little watermelon and food. If you're mixing that with a little alcohol and/or ... You're going to love today's show, [...]

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Back Pain: What happens after treatment?

Segment 1 Rob Newton:     Right now what is the topic of the day? Dr. Klein:              Today we're going to talk about back pain, but it's not just going to be the usual back pain, "Gee, this is what's wrong, and this is what you do about it" kind of an issue, unless, of course, somebody wants to discuss that. Really, what's of greater interest to me is, what happens when you have back pain? What happens when you're treated for it? What other sorts of problems can you expect, [...]

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The dangers of cholesterol : What you need to know.

Segment 1   Rob Newton:  I thought the days of finding a doctor who would become a friend were over. I thought the days of a doctor that would listen to you, a doctor that would explain things to you, were totally over. I thought the assembly line medicine were here. Well, then I met Dr. Klein. Totally changes all my outlooks on the medical profession right now. This man will truly become your friend, and he is there to help you to get to feel better and be [...]

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Dieting, Exercise,Acne and Nerve pain: The Doctor helps go over a little bit of everything,

Segment 1 Rob Newton: It's always glad to look down the console and see the smiling face of the doctor that's making a lot of difference in peoples lives, because I love this guy. He is really really a good friend in the medical business, and I tell you what, this guy is doing wonders for this boy right here. It's amazing what's happening to me. I can't believe it. Dr.Klein: Well, you're looking pretty good, all things considered. Rob Newton: I've run this week. Dr.Klein: Oh. Rob Newton: [...]